extras is a collection of utilities for authors. The primary executable product, extras, uses various datafiles (for name frequency, height, weight, and so on) to generate the physical (and otherwise) description of fictional "extras", as the name suggests. Walk ons. Red coats. It also produces two gender-specific variants, on installation, "goon" (for males) and "bimbo" (for females) (if you're offended, that's fine, run along, dear).

Four other utilities are included. alea is a typical dice-throwing program (variable by number of dice, modifier, and number of sides). riches, given a date of onset and a number of iterations, produces a menstrual calendar. pains produces height and weight characteristics from age 2-20, given adult height and body mass index (bmi). bmi, given any two of height, weight, and bmi, generates the third.

There are known bugs in the current version.

The current code, such as it is, is available.