Our Diners



Guests of note

Here we present a roster of those who have enjoyed, or on occasion merely endured, the Diner. In each section, diners are listed in alphabetical order by first name. Think of it as a collection of music ... grace notes, as it were.

Wossername, Our Kitchen Heroine, Head Chef, High Priestess of Bottle-Washing, is usually around for the diner, too. Amy. Her.


Frankie Clark

Regulars in Abeyance

To date, no diner who has become a regular has been invited to leave, but the various pressures of life, the universe, and all that have resulted in the situation in which some regulars are regularly not here.

Analemma Burrows

Charlie Kaylor & Stephanie Fonda

Chris & Liz Dukes

Christia Hughes

Deb Robertson

Eve Meyerson

Ina Ish & Leandra Vicci


Kris & David

Kristin Brown


Sarah Washburn

Steven Boussios

Notable Guests


Frankie & Nick