Birth Date: June 21, 1997

Died: February 4, 2013

Height: not very

Weight: 13 pounds

Eyes: yellow

Fur: gray tabby

Sex: fixed


Hupfer Orlando Huligan Horsefeathers Lewis

Hupfer, he whose nicknames are legion, came to live at and manage the Diner on July 5, 1997. A month later, he went to visit the veterinarian, who pronounced him no more than six weeks old at the time (despite his current size, when he became the Man of the Diner, he was small enough to fit in the palm of one hand). That gives us a date of approximately mid June, so, by convention, he was born on the day of High Summer. Which reminds us that he prolly needs to have his horoscope cast.

The Monster Man is unusual in a number of ways. Chief among them, for those who have been owned by cats: he comes when he's called. Not always, by any means, but he's generally quite good about answering when he's spoken to. He has also been able, since first acquaintance, to levitate himself approximately six feet straight up. Considering cats, this is less unusual. He was raised in a relatively isolated environment, with only one neurotic woman as a companion, but seems remarkably well balanced for all that. He's expected to feed himself (that is, to control his own eating), and does so quite well. Although the picture does not indicate it, he presents a slim and elegant appearance. Hupfer is also a remarkable traveller, having spent much of his kittenhood as a lap ornament of the driver of a car. He's been as far as Tennessee, and causes absolutely no problems. But he hates cat carriers.

Hupfer is not the most social of the Diner's owners (that accolade belongs to Qetzl, who is particularly fond of anyone allergic to cats), but is the most polished in his greetings and interactions. Most Diners know him best from meeting him at the door, where he is generally desperate to escape outside. His pet human toy has control issues about living on a busy street.

Hupfer died of old age (he was over fifteen and a half), having lost the desire to eat (or drink) in early February 2013. He's buried outside the kitchen window, with his collar on a dogwood planted for him, so Our Kitchen Heroine can miss him while cooking.