Birth date: August 31, 1999

Died: July 16, 2009

Height: even less

Weight: 13 pounds

Eyes: yellow

Fur: brown and black tabby

Sex: not any more


Qetzlcoatl Montezuma Pretzel Miss Lewis

Before we begin, we need to make it perfectly clear that Miss Qetzl is not fat. All right? Good.

Qetzl's a daughter of Tupello, from the same litter as Merlin. When the litter was born, Our Kitchen Heroine had just relocated, and had space, in theory, for another owner, so went to become acquainted. Merlin came home with her, but Our Hopelessly Smitten Heroine found herself returning, a week later, to kidnap Miss Qetzl and bring her home.

Qetzl was born (with Merlin) in the early morning of 31 August 1999. She came to live at the Home of the Diner on 17 September 1999, reunited with her brother, and instantly hopelessly infatuated with Hupfer, who disdained to return the attraction altogether (and ever since). She was rapidly (in fact, even before her arrival) the subject of hopeless adoration on the part of Our Heroine, so it all evens out.

She had seizures from time to time, starting sometime after 2001. Her vet of the time shrugged: "Some cats do." On 14 July 2009 (or possibly overnight 13-14), she went into kidney failure. Our Oblivious Anti-Heroine (in this case) failed to realize that it was an emergency. The vet put her on an IV the next morning, but she showed no improvement after thirty hours (in fact, she could not recognize Our Memorable Heroine by sight, but only by scent), and recommended euthanasia; she was in utter misery, with no real chance of a recovery. She died in Our Guilt-Ridden Heroine's arms around 4:00 PM.

She's buried at the 'Simmon Patch Farm, next to a redbud tree that wears her collar and shares her name, with a catseye from the magic pouch, rose petals, ash from a memorial fire of cedar and sage, and the tears of Our Lachrymose Gravedigger. A tree seemed a better memorial (one she could feed, even) than a stone.