Entity Definition Markup Language

This seems to be the most-often-searched portion of the site. This is unfortunate, in a way, as it's a dead letter, so far as I know. Parser writers are not interested in adding a non-standard extension, reasonably enough. Insofar as I have heard from the XML powers-that-be at W3C, there is no interest in standardizing an alternate means of entity definition. I'll note that the wide interest that this damned thing seems to attract strikes me as a reason that either of the above-named ought to think about the possibility of reconsidering, but ... hey, they don't monitor my server logs, after all.

strdb, a Strings Database

BSD strfile brought into the 1990s. Unfortunately, it's past the nineties, and XML happened, so it's kind of pointless. Doesn't even have a complete fortune implementation—but the random signatures are okay.

extras, Fictional Software

Support material for authors: it supplies some basic statistics (depending on the command line switches, of which there are half an alphabet's worth) about characters who aren't worthy of the work it takes to figure all that stuff out. Extras, in other words. Walk-ons. Redshirts. NPCs. It's based on real statistics for height, weight, name frequency, and stuff (but doesn't correlate things as well as it could, and isn't maintained as well as it could be).